Problems That Occur When Your Thigh Is Thin

The First problem, the thinner the thigh, the more prone to diabetes.

For each decrease in thigh circumference by 107, the risk of developing diabetes increases by 8.3% for men and 9.6% for women. Whether they have a stomach or not, obesity or not, most diabetics have poor thighs. On the other hand, even if you have a lot of stomach, most of the non-diabetic people have thick enough thighs. This is because the thighs defend against the bad of belly fat.

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar is kept high because glucose consumed as food is not properly used. Where is our body consuming the most glucose? It is the thigh muscle. It consumes about 70% of the glucose consumed. So, if the thigh muscles are insufficient, glucose cannot be used and blood sugar rises. However, since your thighs are thicker than others, don’t worry about diabetes. As you age, your muscle mass decreases, so if you leave it as it is, your thighs are bound to get thinner.

멸치가 무거운거 들었을때

Second problem, When the thigh is thin, fat builds up in blood vessels and organs.

People with a thigh circumference less than 60 cm were at twice the risk of developing heart disease or dying than those with a thigh circumference of 60 cm or more. An analysis of 15,000 people at Severance Hospital in Korea showed that when muscle mass decreases, the incidence rate of fatty liver increases four times. Muscles are basically energy consuming organs, but when the muscles are reduced, the energy that was not consumed can accumulate as fat in the liver and become fatty liver. The thigh muscles occupy more than half of the muscle mass of our body, so if the thigh muscles enjoy, the energy consumption is inevitably reduced.

If you’re at normal weight and don’t have an adult disease like hyperlipidemia and you still have fatty liver, it could be due to a toxic thin thigh. The remaining fat floats in the blood vessels as well. Therefore, the thigh circumference is also closely related to vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cerebral infarction, and myocardial infarction. According to a study by Yonsei University (Korea’s top universities), the thicker the thigh, the lower the triglyceride level and the higher the healthy cholesterol level. To put it a little extreme, if your thighs are toxic, you have little chance of being healthy in the future.

After reading this, you should start training your thighs today. In particular, the circumference of the thigh should be raised and protected. If you can’t protect your body when you’re healthy, you will surely regret it later. I will post later on how to train the thigh. Thanks for reading.

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