A collection of knots useful in real life

(1) Harness Loop

It is a useful knot for hanging small items by making several loops in the middle of the line. It is a structure that allows multiple knots to be inserted in the middle of the knot. There are several knots, so it may be difficult to untie it, but it is easy to unwrap. It is possible to add a knot even when both ends are already fixed.

It is useful for temporarily attaching a flashlight to the ceiling or for drying wet items by hanging them at regular intervals. When making a loop, make sure to keep a generous gap. And the point is to adjust the size of the ring by slowly pulling both lines.

(2) hitching tie

It is a form developed from the knot method used by cowboys to tie horses. Even though it is a strong knot, it can be tied in 2-3 seconds and is easy to loosen. It is great for temporarily fixing something or fixing objects with a large moving range.

This is useful, for example, for briefly tying a dog or cat to a pole during a walk. The point is to make a U-shaped loop and maintain the proper length when inserting the opposite knot waist.

(3) Uni knot

A simple knot that can be tied in 5 seconds. It’s a short time, but you can strongly combine the two lines. It is especially useful for connecting lines of different thickness and length. You can adjust the length of the string to your liking by inserting a specific object in the middle of the knot.

If the length of the line is not enough when tying a heavy box or magazine, you can extend the line with a uni-knot. It can withstand the force of the line and the loop surrounding it.

(4) Bowline on the Bight

It is a knot that is firmer than the uni knot. It is suitable when you use a string to pull heavy objects or when the knot itself needs to distribute traction. It is suitable to use by combining it with various knots based on a bow line knot and transforming it.

For example, when towing a car in snow in a snowy area, this knot is useful if you don’t have towing equipment. With just one rope, you can create an effective traction device by connecting the axles of the two cars. The point is to make the length of the knot symmetrical.

I couldn’t write it down here, but the strongest and most stimulating knot is the one in the photo below.

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